Blender 2.8 Elastic Keyframe Interpolation And Sine F-curve Modifier

By Alien Soup

Animate 5 basic types of Elastic and Oscillating motion using keyframe, f-curve modifiers. Also learn to use Simple Deform, Screwdriver or Hooks for extra effects! Some math included in this course that’s sure to keep you interested like Euler Angles (used when creating animations), followed by Acceleration Vector which tells us about how fast an object is moving based on its position over time; they both provide valuable information so it pays off studying up before jumping headfirst into animation school.


00:00 – Introduction
00:21 – Bending Rod Vibration
02:09 – Spring Compression
05:40 – String Vibration
08:08 – Pendulum Swing
10:42 – Wobbling Weeble

Chess Knight model : zOli at
Animated rocking chair : Sunny Bunnies / Digital Light Studio