Blender 2.8 How To Use Pbr Textures With Principled Bsdf Cycles/eevee

By CGMatter


In this blender 2.8 tutorial, we go over how to plug PBR textures into the principled bsdf shader so that you can render with cycles/eevee – more specifically for ambient occlusion and basecolor maps among other things such as metallic roughness normal heights

In a new project I am creating using Blender 2 . 8 it’s time get acquainted on what all of these different types of map are used for! This article will cover AO (ambient light), BC(base color)?also called diffuse or shininess factor?), NM??normal map) RN* height field).

Some general notes:
1) Make sure that the following maps are set to non-color data: metallic, roughness, normal, height
2) Do not use ambient occlusion in cycles/eevee
3) Always convert normal image to a normal map
4) Have all your maps share the same texture coordinate mapping