Blender 2.82 – Rigify to Unity Tutorial – How to Export a Rigify Character and Import it into Unity

By Imphenzia

In this tutorial I will go through how to install an addon for Blender 2.82 that allows you export a character in the form of an armature, which can then be opened up with Unity and imported into your game as if they were any other static prop or mesh layer directly from within Unity’s asset catalogs . First off all there are two popular types of rigs used when exporting characters: Generic Rigs , these have bones assigned at whatever position is desired by default; whereas Humanoid Rig involves more specific actions like shoulder button presses depending on what type movement we want our particular model/ rigged object too perform (such

I hope this video can help you out getting your Rigify character in Blender 2.82 / 2.83 to work in Unity 2019 and 2020.

If you want to see how I modeled the characters in this video and how I animated the walk cycle, check out this video:

RigifyToUnity Blender Addon:

You can download the editor helper script that I mention in the video here:

I mention a noise reduction plugin in this video, and joking aside, it actually works pretty good! I use it as a VST plugin in Premiere while editing to remove the drying cabinet that was running in the background =)

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If you want to use the palette style UV coloring method, I go through that in both of the above linked videos.

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