Blender 2.82a Course Review – Cg Boost Blender 2.8 Launchpad

By Eric Reniers

In this video I give my honest review of the course ” blender 2.8 launchpad” by CG Boost
Having left the CG world for a bit (i talk about that in a previous video) now coming back to it,
I wanted to learn Blender because it seem so damn promising.

I can’t believe I used to resist trying out blender because of its old and complicated interface. However, the new features in Blender 2.8 made me want to learn this program so much more! The high-quality eevee render engine allowed for real time 3D navigation plus beautiful renders on top of it all – what’s not love about that?!

I had high expectations of Maya, 3ds and c4D. “I’m a professional so there’s no need for me to take this course.” I thought wrong when instead all three programs picked up really quickly on my skillset after 2 months…
“With any luck at all,” I said confidently as i hesitantly began trying out these new tools in pursuit og finding something specific ive been looking everywhere

I found this course and in the video i tell you all about it. Also in the video i refer to an other video
im currently working on. Next week it will go inline and if your watching this in the future….its already it and enjoy. Thank you AND SEE YA NEXT TIME!

When considering to get the course, consider to use the link I
supply here for you. By using this (affiliate) link I will get a tiny commission
as a reward for my time and effort. That support is very much appreciated!

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