Blender 2.9 Camera Path Animation | Product Animation Tutorial | PART 3

By Creative Sav

Thanks for watching the last video in this 3D product animation workflow tutorial! You now know how to use Blender EEVEE, so I hope you have some time on your hands.
It may seem like a lot right off the bat but just keep at it and before long everything will start clicking together smoothly with ease – let me show ya around town one more time before we say adios por hoy (goodbye today).

You can watch part 1 and 2 of the series here:
PART 1 –
PART 2 –

In this short video, we discuss camera animation and how to use follow path in After Effects. I hope you enjoy every bit of it! Tell me what your thoughts on the process so far or any ideas for future videos are through comments below- they’re always open!

Download the Starter Files here:

00:00 Intro
00:56 Setting Up Your Scene
09:13 Designing Camera Path with Bezier Curves
14:04 Fine-tuning F-Curves in Graph Editor
17:27 Animating Camera Target Object
19:55 Adjusting Bezier Curve points
22:52 Overview of Technique
23:16 Final Aniimation Adjustments
23:51 Scene Lighting
27:42 Rendering

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