Blender 2.9 Caustics | Cycles, Radeon ProRender and Luxcore

By djtutorials

In this tutorial, I go over how to optimize your render settings for better caustics in various engines. We will take a look at the basics of glass shading and lighting as well as more advanced techniques like using ambient occlusion or luminous material maps with light sources on objects which cast shadows into them (which is called “ray tracing”). At first glance it may seem complicated but after going through all three videos below-you’ll have an understanding about what these terms mean so that they’re not confusing anymore!


URL Links to items covered in video below:

Adding Caustics Cycles

Advanced Shader


Prorender Download


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Real World Examples 00:54
Caustics Definition 01:35
Real World Examples (Again) 04:20
Caustics in Cycles 05:02
Cycles Simple Glass Shader 07:00
Cycles Advanced Glass Shader 09:20
Lighting 13:30
Radeon ProRender 16:18
LuxCore Renderer 21:45
Render Comparisons 27:52