Blender 2.9 Tutorial – How to Rig a Character Quickly and Easily in Blender using the Rigify Add-on!

By Russell Midfield

Are you looking for a fun way to make your own game character without the hassle of modeling? Look no further than Blender’s Rigify. This quick and easy add-on will allow anyone with even just an hour or two worth of free time, access into creating their very own 3D animated human beings!

0:01 Introduction
0:28 Enabling the Built-in Blender Rigify Add-on
0:42 Adding the Armature
1:52 Positioning the Armature
9:31 Generating the Animation Rig
9:59 Common Issue #1: Scale
10:48 Common Issue #2: Disjoint
12:03 Common Issue #3: Face
12:37 Attaching your Model to the Rig
13:06 Controlling the Rig
15:21 Resetting the Rig
15:45 Wrap-up & Next Video

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