Blender 2.93 New Features : Geometry Nodes & Animation–k

By Jayanam

In this Blender tutorial I show the new feature Geometry Nodes for 2.93, which allows you to create a curve and then attach an object that follows it like in Anima 2006’s Path Animation option (path sequence) animation mode when using Curve bending; or with Weight Proximity on selected vertices of Mesh objects whose density can be changed programmatically within any scene file by adding these nodes while editing your model: http://www2s3d4math5p6tool7edge8maxy9n0t1lk10c11v14e15i16o17u19g20h21a23b24c25+26layer27w28fig29

Here is the beginner tutorial for geometry nodes I did some time ago:

Also some credits to @DECODED for this great and inspirational video on geometry nodes:

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