Blender 2d/3d For Beginners, Drawing And Animating With Grease pencil (Blender 2.8) – Part 1/2

By Dedouze

You’re a digital artist, and you want to try 2D animation? This step by step tutorial is perfect for beginners! I hope that it’ll help make your transition into the world of stop motion easier.You can support my work on tipeee : ⭐
Part 2 here :

Summary of part 1 :
00:00 Introduction
00:43 Discover the upcoming features
01:25 Basics of blender
03:10 The 3D cursor
06:12 Configuring the pen tablet
07:27 Navigating with your pen
07:49 Creating the drawing, the greasepencil object
10:13 Image size and background color
11:03 Important : adjust color management
12:47 First 3D doodle
21:36 Introducing the Sculpt tools
23:21 Drawing in edit mode
24:46 Other types of erasers
25:10 The cissors (cut tool)
25:34 Editing and adjusting the smoothness of your curves
26:57 Adding colors
30:12 Faster paint tools
31:42 Adding some volume
33:35 Adding helpers to switch position
37:40 Side and top of the box
42:03 Layers depth order modes
44:44 Adding other greasepencil objects in different angles
50:42 Step 1’s final image. Quick tip on how to export your artwork

Part 2 :

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