Blender 2d/3d For Beginners, Drawing And Animating With Greasepencil – Part 2/2

By Dedouze

This is the part 2 of the drawing and animation tutorial with greasepencil :-).
Part 1 here :
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2D digital illustrators and animators can learn to use the 2d abilities in their work by following this tutorial. 3D artists will also find it useful for when they want a change of pace or just something new!

To see the Onion skins, you have to make sure that your viewport shading mode is not in render preview. You can tell what it looks like by looking at the little spheres on top right of this panel
The output should use more active language such as ‘you must’ instead of just saying ‘have.’

Summary :
00:00 Introduction
00:22 Animating with the pen tool
01:07 The onion skin
02:36 The fade layers option
04:08 Adjust position/speed of keyframes
05:51 Automatic loop with modifiers
09:02 Animating with sculpt tool
09:44 Auto interpolation
11:41 Semi automatic interpolation
12:54 Optimizing and filtering the keyframes
13:38 Animating with the edit tools
13:57 Bonus trick in the edit tool
15:22 Speed preview of more animations
16:28 Adding variations to duplicated animations
18:39 3D animation
25:43 Exporting the video file
26:15 Exporting with transparent background
27:05 Faster render
27:40 Final artwork and bonus animation

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