Blender 3d Rocket Launch Simulation: Full Tutorial Ft. Khaos Add-on

By LightArchitect

KHAOS (Ultimate Explosion Add-on):

Are you looking to add some excitement and interactivity into your next project? Watch this video where we show how the KHAOS Add-on, along with a Mantaflow Simulation in Blender can create an interactive rocket launching simulation! Each version of this program has its own differences but at its core it’s still just like any other 3D application. Check out what our team is working on now by clicking “Watch Me build” below or jump straight onto YouTube here:….

Hi Everyone!! In This Video I Show How You Can Create A Rocket Launching Simulation Using The Khaos Add On And A Manta Flow Simulation .Each Version Of blender Is Different But Concepts Still Applies Same Way.

Our Blender Add-ons:
KHAOS (Ultimate Explosion Add-on):

Ultimate Blender add-on value pack:

Nature/Creature add-on bundle:—spyderfy–nisarga-lite-ultimate-bundle

Cablecam (Cinematic movement rig):

LightArchitect (Film setup previsualization):—filmmaking-add-on
KHAOS Fire Shader:

The KHAOS add-on is a powerful tool that allows filmmakers and 3D Artists to streamline their particle creation process with several clicks. With its assets, intuitive user interface menu, it provides the ability Procedurally Add various effects including fire systems smoke debris such as glass concrete rocks tree branches dirt metal shrapnel rebar rods wood pieces sparks! The KHAAO sin for blender will now greatly simplify your VFX work so you can create base fuel system sirens or even some cool looking ground zero explosions in minutes not hours like before just by using one click”