Blender Add-on Animation Sketch Poses With A Stroke

The new Blender add-on is called ‘Grease Pencil’ and it lets you pose characters by drawing a stroke.

Pierre Mervaillie, the game artist and animator behind some of gaming’s most iconic characters like Sonya Blade or Red Hood has just released his latest project. Anim Sketch is an add-on for Blender which lets users pose items in 3D scenes by drawing gestured lines onscreen with grease pencil technology similar to how you would draw 2d shapes before implementing bendy bones into your rigged model so that they have believable poses while being animated more fluidly than ever before! Check out this video below where Pierre demonstrates all its features:
The output should be more engaging.

The idea of using gesture curves to pose isn’t a new one, and it has been done well in Moka Studio’s MoSketch plugin for Cinema 4D animators. The easy-to use interface allows artists create 3D character animation easily with just their pen strokes rather than having controls around on individual nodes – making poses much faster!

Mervaillie provides some excellent documentation to help you avoid MCC’s issues. He says the plugin has a lot of room for improvement, but there are still ways around most problems with it by checking out Animation Sketch v0.1 here!