Blender Addons for Rendering and Lighting

By InspirationTuts

Some of the best Blender Addons For Lighting and rendering different types of environments, scenes or characters artists can use to save time. These add-ons are great because they have been tried & tested in both realistic renders as well as nonrealistic ones if needed!

SKETCH STYLE is an addon that can be used for Ambient Occlusion, clay and sketch type renderings, like what we can find in professional software that have the ability to create nonrealistic rendering such as SketchUp.

13_Ev Express
EV Express is an add-on that is used to speeds up the workflow of setting up scenes in Blender’s real-time renderer known as EEVEE to showcase models or entire scenes in a short period of time.

LuxCoreRender is a free and open-source render engine that works with Blender.

11_Toonkit For Cycles
ToonKit for Cycles is an add-on for Non-Photorealistic Rendering, photo-surreal rendering and Stylish Rendering with Cycles.

10_Pro-Lighting: Skies
Pro-lighting:Skies is an add-on from Blender guru that artists can use to instantly change outdoor lighting to any time of the day, any weather, and achieve more realistic results because it is based on using high dynamic range images or what is known as HDRI.

Barista is not exactly an add-on but a rendering tool that gives Blender artists direct CPU & GPU rendering access using Amazon Web Services.

8_Radeon Prorender
The ProRender engine is a powerful, physically-based renderer that can simultaneously use and balance the capabilities of multiple GPUs or CPUs on one system.

7_Physical Starlight And Atmosphere
Physical Starlight and Atmosphere” is a full environmental simulator that brings visual consistency when looking at objects in the scene.

E-Cycles is a Blender addon that is used to achieve better raytracing performance.

Gaffer is a Blender add-on that helps artists light their scenes by presenting all the right settings in convenient panels for quick access and experimentation. This can be great time saver, especially if you want more focus on creating better lighting without getting distracted looking through menus or buttons while working!

4_indigo render
Indigo Renderer is a revolutionary new graphics engine that harnesses the power of your computer’s GPU and CPUs in order to accurately simulate lighting. It provides unbiased rendering, resulting in more lifelike visuals than traditional software renderers can offer–and it doesn’t matter if you’re using an Intel Core i5 or AMD Radeon RX 480!

3_octane render
Octane Render is a professional 3D rendering engine that was designed to meet the needs of modern artists, architects and designers. It offers fast real-time capabilities with unbiased content creation tools for an easy workflow in any project environment.

Pixar is a company that creates cutting-edge graphics and animation. They use RenderMan to create their in-house 3D animated movies, which can be used by third parties or for personal purposes without restrictions on usage

V-Ray is a software program that can be used for movie and video game production, architectural design, industrial marketing. It was created by the Bulgarian company Chaos Group in 2006 to make 3D rendering more accessible with its intuitive interface but also offer an unprecedented level of detail when creating high quality graphics without having previous experience as programmer or artiste extraordinaire.

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