Blender All nodes explained part 2 (All shader nodes explained )

By Blender Ustad

Hi there! I’m back for part two of my explanation about everything in Blender. In this segment, we’ll talk about the Shading nodes and how they can help make quick materials like masks or paint applications on an object’s surface with their different functions– From subtle gradients to rough highlights; It all depends what you need at that moment when making your artwork appear realistic (and sometimes even less than perfect). So let us begin by exploring these shading options one by one:

Add shader,
diffuse shader,
Emission shader,
Glass shader,
Mix shader,
Principled BSDF,
Principled Volume,
Refraction BSDF,
Subsurface scattering,
Translucent BSDF,
Transparent BSDF,
Volume Absorption,
Volume Scatter,