Blender Animation Test CGI breakdown

By Nicky

I do freelance 3D animation! 😀
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Originally, I wanted to try out blender hair dynamics with wind and turbulence generators, and looked better than I expected, so I included it into a random scene, added some music and voila!

Everything in this video is made in blender.
This scene was rendered in 4 different layers, due to dedicated RAM limitations.
Total render time : ~ 32 days.
( I could have reduced the no of samples, light bounces etc, but quality comes first. )

My PC specs :
I model, texture, animate, edit etc. on a predator helios 300 laptop.…​

I do NOT render on this laptop.

CPU : i7-8750H @ 2.2GHz
GPU : GTX 1060 @ 6 Go RAM
RAM : 16Go DDR4
Monitor : HKC 34 inch 4K curved…​

I render on a separate computer in a separate room. I use the crowd render add on to handle rendering on external servers.

Render PC : ACER optiplex 780

CPU : quad core 2.66Ghz

GPU : AMD RX 580 @ 8Go RAM…​


I used CG Geeks node setup for the mountain texture. Check out his channel :…​

BLENDER IS FREE! Download blender here :​

Music : Steffen Daum – Awakening…​