Blender ArchViz Exterior Rendering in EEVEE Engine

By CG architect

If you want to playback a portion of the video click the timestamps provided below:


0:00 Intro
0:17 Enabling Sketchup Importer Addon
0:46 Importing Sketchup 3d model
1:14 Positioning and cleaning up the model
2:15 Setting up the background using HDRI
3:28 Rendering Setup using EEVEE engine
4:09 Editing materials
14:46 Creating interior & exterior lights
23:00 Setting up the camera
24:29 Creating Irradiance volume and reflection cube map
26:35 Refining render setting, object & materials
28:04 Baking indirect lighting
31:14 Adjusting the render colors & curves
31:53 Checking the model if the Indirect lighting is correct
32:27 Changing HDR/using IMESH addon to create a ground plane(you can skip this step if you want)
33:09 Checking the file output
33:28 Rendering the final image(f12)
33:47 Saving the rendered image

In this video, I will share my exterior workflow from the SketchUp model to visualize in Blender.

Download Blender:
Sketchup file: