Blender Car Crash Breakdown

By Albin MERLE

This is a personal project I made to test the soft and rigid body in Blender. It’s so powerful! Cycles just eats all those bilions of polygons up with no problem, even when you have 3D depth-of field or motion blur turned on.

unfortunately i couldn’t render it with GPU because of the weight of the file.

I decided to test Linked .blend as well in this little project, it works perfectly !! I think blender is a great competitor to Autodesk and ready for production use.Of course this project could be better but as a personal project i wanted to finish it in 4 days.

i Hope you’ll like it. I would like to record a tutorial for you when i’ll have a moment.

let me know in comments if any part of it can be improved or if you know a better way to deform a non-rigid object.

I have a 3d model scan available for sale, it’s based on the latest technology and retopologized to give you an even higher quality. I’m selling at such good rates that its really affordable!