Blender Day 4 – Shading/texturing/uv – Introduction Series For Beginners

By CrossMind Studio

Welcome, Day 4 of Blender Introduction Series.

In this chapter, we will discuss the materials of objects in games. Starting with a basic understanding of what they are and how they work through more technical information such as terminology used for shaders or PBR. We’ll also take time to go over UVs (Unclean Viewing Vertices) before completing our material studies from earlier chapters!
It’s not much Technical at all-I kept it very Basic but yet enough so that you can start your research into creating/modifying these types.

I am here to help you with anything that might be on your mind. I’ve taken time out of my day just so we could chat and get some answers for all those questions in the back-of -your minds nagging at us, “What if?”

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Link Blend File to start with tutorial ( without shaders):

Texture Links:

More useful links to study UV mapping: