Blender Dissolve 3D Text Animation Tutorial – Blender 2.8 Particles Eevee

By DCP Web Designers

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to create a Dissolve effect on 3D text using Blender 2.8 Particle Simulation and other objects in the scene for guidance!
In case it wasn’t already clear from our introduction: We’re going deep into one of my favorite areas–3d rendering techniques with particles – so whether or not these skills are useful is up for debate 😉 That said there’s some pretty advanced stuff here including animating closed loops which might be tricky without referring back too often but could prove very helpful when making your own short film/videography piece.

Here are the concepts covered in this video tutorial:

Download custom font, PBR material, HDRI map
Add text to Blender, update the font, extrude font
Rotate the font
Convert font to a mesh objectÂ
Smart UV unwrap the mesh
Apply PBR material to the font
Add HRDI lighting
Create a sphere to cover HDRI background
Add blender 2.8 particle system
Add wind field, turbulence field, Lennard field, drag field
Create a cube for custom particle and apply a materialÂ
Apply the cube to the particle system
Animate the text
Add coloured point lights
Add keyframes to hide text
Create final render animation

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a textured 3D object and apply it as an animation sequence. You can then use force fields for particles in your animations that behave according the direction they’re moving – all without using any scripting!

Download Font:

Download Material:

Download HDRI:

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