Blender Eevee Car Chase Scene Breakdown

By Md Utsho

The process of creating this car chase was actually pretty simple. All you need is an eevee, some houses for your characters and objects in blender to create the scene that will be rendered on screen by any number of real-time engines out there like “Evee” It’s great because not only can it render really fast but also has support for 3D models so I don’t have too many limitations when working with my programing language!it’s a new engine and still under development.

I didn’t modeled all of those cars, Found them in blendswap
Thanks to those who created this models
Chevrolet-Astro-Lwb-2005 by abdulsalamnaqeeb
Hummer H2 by brzynak
CAR Leszkikrov 4X4 by clarabox
Austin Mini Cooper S by jaxy
Pontiac GTO 67 by thecali
BMW M3 by tahseen

Finishing idea Redwan Hossain
Took 20-30 sec to render 1frame on my rx 590 8gb gpu and i5 6400
Also check my artstation if you want to see more of my works