Blender EEVEE: SSGI OFF vs SSGI ON | Comparison

By Blender Geek

This video compares the SSGI plug-in (Screen Space Global Illumination) for Blender’s real-time renderer, EEVEE, on vs off state.
Screen space global illumination is a fast and simple method for adding bounce lighting to various surfaces. The only problem with this approach, however, is that light must be bounced off an object in screen-space – which means you can’t use it if your scene contains objects outside of its boundaries or far away from where they’re supposed to appear onscreen . Ray traced/path traced Global Illumination offers much higher quality but at the cost of longer rendering times and slow responsiveness.

A more accurate alternative would be PathTraced (and even better: physically based) GI while STGI has low requirements making these methods ideal when speed matters.

The only games currently using real-time Ray Traced Global Illumination are Control, Cyberpunk 2077 and Metro Exodus.


00:00 Downloading SSGI
00:52 Installing the SSGI plugin
01:20 Comparisons
02:46 Limitation of SSGI
03:30 Endscreen