Blender Fluid 300000 Particles – Turbulences (Cycles) HD

By HAL 9000 Animations

This is my third fluid particles simulation rendered with Cycles in Blender 2.6, and it’s the most complex project to date! I used 300000 particles on this one–that’s a lot for such an intricate scene; don’t worry though as they’re all de-screened before you see them (which really helps reduce GPU load).

It took about 25 hours (6 x 3,2 Ghz) to render those 550 frames (MinGW based).
Bake time about 2.5 hours, 2.75 GB baked files
– 150 samples per frame (I keyed the noise seed so that every frame has another noise seed)
– the particles’ material is glossy (roughness 0.1)
– There is a turbulence, vortex and a force field in the scene
– hdri image for background and lighting
– the font in the beginning is “Quicksand”
– 1280×720, 30p

Inspirations with the splitscreen from “127 Hours” and “The Third and the Seventh”
Thanks to some friends for their great second opinions!

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