Blender Grease Pencil 2.5d Animation Tool

After Effects animators, have you seen what has become possible with the Grease Pencil Tool in Blender?

Grease pencils are so cool. I mean, who didn’t want to be an artist as a kid and create their own world? Well Blender 2.73’s Grease Pencil Tool goes way beyond all of that because not only can you use it for drawing but also planning out arcs and poses in 3D!

The Blender Grease Pencil allows you to create 3D planar elements in your scene, not just pixels on the screen. The latest additions for this tool are new features that allow users edit and animates stroke properties like duration time or pressure sensitivity so it can be used as an animation-style flat 2D graphics motion graphic design element too!

A video from PepeLand shows how the latest addition to their software can be used as an animation production tool. The new screen drawing tool allows for strokes and fills that are converted into 3D elements, but still work like regular drawings with eraser tools or alterations such as editing colors on a palette of choices – it even has animation capabilities!
Just one more impressive feature in this amazing suite of programs by Daniel Martinez Lara (a Venezuelan graphic designer).

Animating this way has the advantage of being wrapped in Blender. You can use all of 3D tools, which includes rendering at your disposal and changing camera angles becomes really simple task for an animator who wants to create professional looking videos on demand with little effort or time spent learning how it works properly before getting started! From some examples that Aligorith created himself (like Grease Pencil), one thing is clear – he aims make his tool intuitive so even first timer users like myself will be able create high quality animations quickly without too much frustration along the way.