Blender Grease Pencil – 2D 3D Hybrid Storyboard Animatic -Tutorial

By Spitfire Storyboards

Grease pencils are a great way to draw 3D storyboard animatics. They’re even better when you use them in conjunction with Adobe After Effects, which can give your drawings an added level of richness and detail not possible otherwise!
I hope I’ve inspired some people out there who may have been considering trying their hand at animation or just looking for new ways on how they could apply what’s passion into something more than just work – because now there is no excuse as every one has access tp tools like this amazing software suite that makes creativity accessible 24/7 from anywhere at any time.”

Tutorial Contents :

00:00 -Intro and UI/Navigation Tips

02:54 Create Grease Pencil Object
04:38 Draw mode, Canvas modes and Orientation
10:18 Standard Brushes
11:17 Super Simple Man 2D’ – Layers and materials

12:57 Bonus round : Sculpt and Edit modes (brief)

13:37 EXAMPLE SCENE 1 – LAYOUT STAGE (the real fun starts here)
15:57 Blocking out a plan / path
18:08 Roughing out 2D poses
21:48 2D -3D Hybrid and its flexibility
22:52 Refining artwork
25:26 Cameras : create, keyframing and lenses

27:35 – EXAMPLE SCENE 1 – Step by step
28:18 Roughing out time lapse
29:04 Clean up and time lapse
30:27 Secondary character
30:48 Exploring camera angles

32:21 -Bonus round : Interpolation modes (Linear v Constant)

33:33 EXAMPLE SCENE 2 – 3D Object Parenting
34:10 3D Object for layout and ref
34:55 Parenting Grease Pencil to 3D Object
36:49 FX layer : Rim light ; Modifier : Hue/saturation/ Tint

38:54 EXAMPLE SCENE 3 – Advanced action , flight path, multiple cameras
39:21 Camera view
40:48 Super simple man 3D’ – basic animation, camera
41:43 Camera Constraint for camera tracking
42:37 Make GP Object , parent to 3D
44:28 Rough and clean layers time lapse
44:46 Switching Cameras on timeline ; markers + binding

47:10 EXAMPLE SCENE 4 – Rotoscoping in 3D Space
48:08 Mixamo and importing FBX animation
49:09 Setting up GP for rotoscoping
50:13 Optimal viewport for rotoscoping

The previs process is the most important part of animation. Mixamo offers free tools that can be used in any project, commercial or personal without permission to use their animations for this purpose only as guidance during production time on your own projects; however I discourage using them since it’s not something beginners should lean too heavily upon but rather learn how they work first hand through experience before diving headfirst into rotoscoping applications like Maya – where there would need more knowledge than what we’re providing here at Animation Training University!


Scaffold Building pack 1″ kit created by StarGraveStudios/copper Stache available on Blendswap.
All other content created by Paul Coulthard, Spitfire Storyboards