Blender Hard Surface Modeling Timelapse Complete Workflow

By Josh Gambrell

SciFi hand grenade modeling timelapse in Blender.
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Here are some REALLY good references and studies made by my friend Ryuu for those wanting to learn more about hard surface modeling:…​…​…​…​

Addons used: Hard Ops, Boxcutter, Decal Machine, Mesh Machine, Machin3 Tools, Mira Tools.


Q: Which addons should I get first?
A: EASILY Hard Ops and Boxcutter, followed by Decal Machine, Mesh Machine, and then Kit Ops. You can complete 90% of what was done here solely with Hard Ops, Boxcutter, and Decal Machine. If interested in these addons, here’s an affiliate link below:​

Q: What about ngons??

Q: How to get a nice looking render?

Q: Where to start with Hard Surface?
A: I personally learned a ton studying the boolean-bevel workflow, followed by how to clean shading, manage ngons, and identify common issues such as artifacting and distortion. I started learning hard surface through masterxeon1001’s videos. We also have a full beginners course for those of you who are interested in a comprehensive step-by-step workflow:​

I hope the video and this description gives you some insight, since these are questions that I get frequently!

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