Blender Realistic Car Animation Full Tutorial | Beginner

By JeanYan Online

I am very excited to share my new video with you all. In this tutorial, I will be teaching how to make an animation car for your favorite youtube channel or project! The process is really simple and fun using Blender 2D software available online (or even better yet get the 9DOF wheel-based version here). Once completed there are many options of ways viewers can enjoy them such as: adding sound effects like honking horns; putting themselves in one driving seat while watching from another perspective–the possibilities truly are limitless when we have access these tools at our fingertips
A quick search on Google Play™ Store brought up results including “Car Videogames”

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Hdri Maker :

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Free Hdri used in the video :
Free Shelby rigged (the surprise) :
Free Rigacar addon and tutorial :

Made with Blender:
Blender version 2.9

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0:00 Intro
0:51 Car presentation
1:32 Free car with BlenderKit
2:55 Hdri with Hdri Maker
6:58 Focus point
8:54 Camera animation
13:27 First Render
14:21 Car animation part 1
14:38 The surprise
15:50 Car animation part 2
20:40 Car animation suspensions
28:14 Render settings
29:16 Final render