Blender Render Engine Comparisons | Eevee, Cycles, Radeon ProRender

By djtutorials

I recently had the opportunity to dive deep into three different render engines: Eevee, Cycles and Radeon ProRender. For this project I worked closely with each engine’s developers in order to assess their strengths as well weaknesses when used together on a single scene that is meant for personal use rather than professional work like movies or video games where optimizations are necessary at all steps of production flow (spikes). The goal here was simply “making images look good” so there were no specific criteria set before starting except making sure everything ran smoothly without crashing which wasn’t too difficult given how gorgeous most graphics card textures turned out!

Eevee: 14.85 seconds/frame (1 x Radeon VII)
ProRender: 51 minutes (1 x Radeon VII)
Cycles: 103 minutes (2 x Radeon VII, AMD Threadripper 3960x)

The Radeon ProRender’s rendering speed is something to pay attention too, but in my opinion Cycles has the best looking final render and Subsurface Scattering using Random Walk. However, with one GPU it can take up 51 minutes at 3500 samples!

Hopefully you all enjoy and please comment below on your favorite render!


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