Blender Timelapse Cyberpunk 2077 Environment

By UnFy

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I made this Cyberpunk environment in Blender for Blender52 with as theme “Mechanic” The Dodge is a old model of mine that I re-used for this project, the people that are standing in the scene aren’t mine either as I put them there in the last seconds, I had 30 minutes before I had to deliver the render.

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Blender Timelapse – Cyberpunk 2077 Environment

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1. Law Abiding Citizen – 0:00​
2. Detox – 3:38​
3. Rebels – 6:55​
4. Dredd – 10:09​
5. Hellraiser – 14:00​
6. Escape From LV426 – 16:18​
7. Eternal Night – 19:56​