Blender Tips For Skinning Rigging And Animation For In Game Engines

Porter Nielsen will show you how to skin your model, rig it for animation in Blender. He also has some helpful notes on preparing models so they are ready when needed with the game engine!

There are many secrets to animating and skinning objects in a video game. In this short tutorial, I’ll show you several random tips that can help out when creating your own games!

Porter’s tutorials are like gold for any modeler. He provides such tips as showing how you can quickly name all your bones in Blender, by pre-naming the initial bone of each chain will inherit that name and more! Porter also has some great advice about avoiding clutter on models with his helpful tricks like hiding armatures or baking out mesh to static textures which allow them greater flexibility when working outside 3D programs like Unity3d
A must see if you’re just getting started.