Blender To Motion 5 – New 2021 Workflow

By Indigo Film School


How to import a 3D model from Blender into Motion… a new approach using Apple’s Reality Converter.

In a previous video, I covered the process of using an awesome Blender add-on. Since then they’ve updated their software and notifier but unfortunately this particular feature hasn’t caught up yet (just Google “Blendernotin”). Now when you try exporting any work from within it will give incomplete information with missing settings so let me show how my workflow has changed since that update:

There is a new and free tool for working remotely called Notifo that will allow you to stay on top of your email, text or phone notifications when doing work-related tasks. This way there’s no need go check out what messages are coming in every five minutes like before!

In order not have any distractions while getting things done at home it can be helpful having some handy tools such as the brand new NO[

– Create your model or animation in Blender.

– Export from Blender as a glTF file.

– Drop the glTF file into Apple’s Reality Converter.

– Export from Reality Converter in the USDZ format.

– Import the USDZ into Motion. You can use the 3D model in your motion graphics and in templates you create for Final Cut Pro.

In this video I cover creating models with different features:

– A basic model with a simple material

– A cube with an image texture

– A sphere with transparency and a metallic material

– An animated model with a basic material

All using the Blender, Reality Converter, Motion workflow.

I also show you how to add image textures to a model in Blender and how to create faces on a mesh for displacement purposes.

Software used in this Video
Apple Motion (Mac only) for creating motion graphics and Final Cut Pro templates:

Download Blender to create 3D models and animation:

Download Apple Reality Converter (Mac only) to transform 3D models and animations into the USDZ format:

Resources for this Video
All Blender resources from Indigo Film School can be downloaded here, or you can use the individual links below:

Download the Blender navigation guide from Indigo Film School:

Wooden Box texture:

Download the Vemaps World Map here:

Download the moon landscape from NASA’s Images and Textures:

Download the Blender Animation project:

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