Blender to Unreal Engine 4 – Animation tutorial | Blender 2.81

By Idea Planet

A new video editing program was released recently. It’s called Blender 2.81 and it has some great features for animators, visual effects artists or even people making a live action film! With its fast real time rendering engine you can make animations with ease because they’ll be ready in no time at all – instead of having long render times that take up lots of memory on your computer when working from inside 3D programs like Maya LT .

In the following video we’ll be creating an animation using 3D characters from Blender and exporting them to Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). The process of making these animations is really easy, so if you want your own character rendered in beautifully lit scenes with realistic physics feel free give it a go!

Unreal engine 4 is the software that allows one to create animations quickly and easily. A 3D environment of an animation video can be rendered out from this program, as seen in a recent example with New York City’s Subway Train Environment used for promotional purposes by MTA NYC Transit Foundation

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