Blender to Unreal Engine 5 The Ultimate Course

By 3DTudor

Want to learn how to model an intricately designed windmill in 3D? Now, what if I told you that this Skillshare course has over 21 hours of videos teaching students like yourself the ins-and outs of importing models from Blender into Unreal Engine 5. The lessons are great for beginners because they’ll get started by building up small pieces before designing something larger! So defeat dragons or build your own medieval structures with these fun modules on modeling at different scales using amazing tools such as Maya or Rhino3DS Max.

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The course resource pack includes a free handbook and download pack with 22 references for all the individual parts that make up your medieval windmill. You will also get access to 100 2k/4K texture maps, perfect if you’re looking to create something from scratch!

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Happy modelling everyone!

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