Blender Tutorial 2.90 Shrinkwrap Modifier

By AFL Auto Blendz – 3D Car Creations

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Blender 2.90 Shrinkwrap Modifier Tutorial

In this video I am demonstrating the use of a new feature in Blender 2.90 to make object shrink once they’ve been placed inside it! This is great for making room decorations or other small items, because you can easily create them without worrying about resizing afterwards with software like Meshmixer 3D modeling tool that often requires more work on your end as well- especially if there are multiple objects being created at once using one instance .
The first step would be selecting all nearby vertices along edges then pressing & holding Shift key while clicking right mouse button down + drag upwards/downwards until desired size has been reached before releasing modifier keys( ctrl.

The following is a written guide to using the modifier

Shrinkwrap Modifier
1. Create base mesh
2.Increase view level to at least 2 levels above working mesh
3.Duplicate base mesh and hide base which we can now call guide mesh
4.Add shrinkwrap and target guide mesh to working nesh.
5.Set group vertices and target the base mesh the new mesh to add the features you require i.e. holes protrusions etc
7.Important to take the new vertices out of the group or they will be shrink-wrapped to the guide.
8. Make sure all new work has supporting loop cuts
9. to get an even better result copy the shrinkwrap modifier and apply the first one in the stack – this immediately places the vertices in line with the guide mesh.

Please contact me online if you have any issues! Hope it helps!
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