Blender Tutorial | Easy Blender Animation For Beginners

By CG Masters

When you think of Blender, what comes to mind? I know that for me it was the first time when my friend showed up with this program and said “come take a look at what we made!” It only took 10 minutes before he had these strange looking ball-like creatures splashing around on his screen. We were both hooked right away!
A lot has changed since then as 3D animation technology continues its ascendancy into more industries every day–and there are still so many things happening within our own community too; especially because those who do graphics work have become increasingly creative over recent years due largely in part from video games like Skyrim which requires high level.

I have a confession to make. My kids are 6 and 8 years old, so you know that means it’s not just me being bias when I say this but my children really do hate Blender’s default cube! One of them goes crazy since he makes me punish the little guy in all sorts or physics simulations while the other ends up laughing too hard by end-of-playtime. Yes they’re psychopaths on their hands right?

If you’re looking for a fun way to break the ice, 3D laughing cubes are perfect. They come in all sorts of colors and can be customized with your own logo so that they’ll really stand out!
I’ve been seeing them at parties everywhere lately – people love this little gadget; it makes even tense situations turn into laughs quick as pie (or should I say “pi?â€�). If laughter is what you need then head over here now before order deadlines close tonight: www …

After this video youll know…

At least 2 methods of navigating around the 3D world
Physics Simulations
Grease Pencil Drawing
Working with keyframes in the Timeline and the Dopesheet.
Easy Quick Rendering in the 3D View.
An awkward relationship with the default cube.
And of course much more!


00:15 1. Know how to move about!
02:44 2. Moving our objects
05:40 3. Animating with Physics
07:38 4. Drawing with the grease pencil
23:15 5. Final Ideas & Making the Movie File

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