Blender Tutorial / How To Make Your Face Mask From 3d Scanning


MY FACE MASK is an open-source project by WASP. It’s the future of custom facial masks, starting with 3D scanning and ending in PCL printing!
The process starts off when people go into their favorite photo app on either Instagram or Facebook between 11am – 1pm EST everyday where they will get scanned using CB Insights’ Face2face algorithm that matches similar photos from all over social media then creates a template based on this data before continuing onto another step towards becoming one perfect mesh for any shape imaginable which can be used both inside out as well outside inwardly against various ailments such as coldsoreitis eczema psoriasis acne rosacea sores infections boils blisters wounds chronic sinus congestion seasonal allergy.

Here the open-source project and download : you can find how to learn photogrammetry, The dedicated Blender add-on tutorial, the .stl files (also the filter ring), and printing profiles.

MY FACE MASK add-on Blender 2.82 download:
developed by and thanks to Alessandro Zomparelli

You can download the wonderful Blender 2.82 here:

Join the MY FACE MASK add-on user’s community:
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The 3D Printer that we use:…


Since the beginning of time, humans have looked to their health. For this reason in 2015 WASP MED became concerned with how 3D printers and materials were being used for medical purposes only if doctors did not have tools that would apply what they knew best- providing an Add-on for Blender 2 which was created by them so it could help meet these needs!

Download the WASP Med Add-on:

To advance the health care, innovation is key. For years Wasps Production Made has worked not only todevelopment of this new open source 3D modeling software but also design and build customizable printers for medical devices with their most performing model being The DELTA WASP 4070 Industrial 4-0 printer which can be customized according an individual’s needs in development.