Blender Tutorial – How To Use The Quick Explode Modifier

By TutsByKai

Today, we learn how to use the explode modifier in Blender! This particular tool can be very useful for those who want their scene demolished into pieces. It’s perfect when you need something that looks like it was destroyed by an explosion or some other form of violence because then all those elements will fall apart around your model instead just staying put as if nothing happened at all…

Today I’m going over a special type card called ‘Explode’. The advantage is being able break down any object much more realistically than before – think about what would have happened if this were real life? You could see everything breaking up around them and predicting where items might land based off physics principals (it works even.

Blender 2.79

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Hi! I’m Kai and today we’re going to learn how create a tutorial. In my video, you’ll find out what tools are best for this type of project as well tips on where people can get started with 3D modeling software like Zbrush or Maya – both really affordable too compared to other professional programs out there in the market right now (don’t worry if those weren’t your first choices). If all that sounds good then check back later because new videos will be coming soon enough 🙂

Hi again from me here at “Tuts+”. Today’s lesson covers some important basics when it comes time prepping models before printing them onto plastic…In case anything