Blender Tutorial Making a 3D Model of an Egg Using Curves, Spin and a Seamless Texture

By 3D Blender Tutorials by ianscott888

This Blender tutorial shows how to make a model of an egg. There are several ways you could create the shape and size of this complex 3D sculpture, but we’ll focus on one method: Bezier curves with Curves tool in vector graphics-manipulating software such as Illustrator or Photoshop often used for web design because they can be easily edited interactively without any loss in quality when scaled down later by editors who know what they’re doing! This technique involves spinning around 2D profiles made from paths drawn using traditional pen drawing tools like pens / markers which become smoother lines thanks to.

For those who like to make things complicated, I will give the steps.
The first thing you want is a curve (circle). It can be drawn with an Ellipse tool and has four control points that we’ll delete for now in order create our 3D model of an egg! Next up: Set your background image as either one or two dimensional before adding some pretty colors into it using color pencils/pens on topsof course Photoshop would work too but where’s the fun if there aren’t handles everywhere? To start editing these shapes go under “edit” from within their respective menus found at either right-click

1. Experiment with the length of the handles to vary the egg shape.
2. Choosing resolution is a compromise between smoothness and polygon count.
3. Things to remember when using the spin tool.
– Top view
– Spins around 3D cursor, make sure it is in the centre (Snap, Shift S)
– Select all (A) before clicking Spin
– Select all again before clicking Remove Doubles
– Mesh menu, Normals, Recalculate Outside

All files used in the tutorial and the finished model can be downloaded from my website –