Blender Tutorial: Mouth Texture Replacement With The Uv Warp Modifier

By Hammers

Use this tutorial to make your character look like it belongs in an old-school video game or on public radio. This setup is perfect for Lego minifig faces, Pocoyo style features and other cool looks! You can easily adapt the method if you want another facial feature replacement instead of just legs/feet replacements too; hope that helps out everyone who’s looking forward making their own customizations with Blender .

My starting point was Pawel Kowal’s tutorial @, where he explains how to make a paper cutout style rig. I believe Pawel is the original author of the modifier, which is now in Blender Trunk.

The Quandamooka Dreaming project is an animation I directed in 2014 which features the Cookie Flex Rig. It’s based on a character from this cleverly titled company, CGCookie Inc., who make rigs for 3D printing cookie cutters!