Blender Tutorial: Wood Chipping Text Animation

By tutor4u
Thanks for watching! This Blender video demonstrates how to make an animation of text that appears as if it has been chiseled away. The process used in this tutorial is similar, but not exactly like the one shown above. It’s important when making animations with more complex shapes and illustrations on them keep some things in mind – namely which side will be up so they can flow correctly through frames instead of left or right depending where you are viewing from.”*

Make sure the cube object is selected and then open up its Modifiers tab. In explode mode, remove any check marks next to “Cut Edges” so that this change will appear for newer versions of Blender on your computer. Special thanks go out YouTube user AFWSI who posted this solution in comments section when I couldn’t figure it out myself!

Link to wood image

Blender website

Video Contents:
00:28 Text added.
01:22 Block of wood (cube) added.
02:53 Edges of cube beveled by using the Bevel Modifier.
04:12 Geometry added to the cube by using the Remesh Modifier.
04:52 Cube material set and wooden Image Texture added.
05:32 UV unwrap cube using “Project from View (Bounds).”
06:08 Depth added to the wood texture by using the Node Editor to add a Displacement.
06:52 Wood material named.
07:03 Wood material applied to text.
07:29 Text converted to mesh.
07:41 UV unwrap text using “Project from View (Bounds).”
08:21 Floor added.
08:52 Lighting is setup.
09:53 Camera view is setup.
10:36 Wood chipping added using Quick Effects.
11:04 Timeline overview.
11:36 Particle System modifications.
12:26 Blend texture added to control how the wood chips break away.
13:36 Thickness added to wood chips using the Solidify Modifier.
13:59 Collision physics setup for the floor and the text.
15:06 More particles are added.
15:23 Render options are setup.
16:28 Begin Animation rendering.
16:59 Play Animation