Blender Tutorials – Intros – HOW TO: Custom Universal Intro Tutorial Pt 1

By Joe the Techie


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VIEW IN HD! + Do not turn on subtitles, you will get a load of gibberish! lol

What if you could create the perfect opening credits for your favorite movies? You can, using this simple tutorial. I’ll show how in just minutes and without any expensive software! This demo is done on Mac, but will still work on Windows OS.

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Blender is a free 3D application for PC and Mac which has been around since 2006 with over 1 million downloads by its users! This program allows you to create computer generated models complete with animations or renderings of your creations as well. The best thing about blender? There are no boundaries on what kind of content it can be used to make; whether it’s architecture design drawings or animation cels – they’re all possible thanks in part due this versatile tool called “blend”.

To download the files you need, simply click on this link! MediaFire is a free file sharing service that allows me to provide access for educational purposes.