Blender’s Grease Pencil May Blow Ae Out Of The Water

After Effects is no longer without competition. The new Grease Pencil plugin from Blender promises to be an excellent tool for animators and designers looking to create all sorts of complex characters with ease, but it may just take some time before this becomes widely available on the market due to its recent release date late last year.

The output should maintain emotion while still being informative.

I mean, the shortcomings in After Effects when it comes to character animation could be pretty deep. It doesn’t have a clear joint/bone system or true nulls for rigging and there’s no native solvers either which means you can only use third party plugins if your workflow requires that level of control over how things behave on screen while they’re being simulated by an algorithm instead of hand keyframed artistry like many other programs offer these days with their Nuke Engine plugin suite as one example I’ve used before because its interface makes using all those features super easy but still gives me complete access without having any understanding whatsoever.

It’s unfortunate that there are no tools in this app to help you with your animations. If it had basic concepts like other animation programs do, then I would be able to give more insight on what makes them so great!

It really does seem as if the folks at Animoto don’t think about animators or TD’s when designing their software; because how else can anyone expect us creative types use anything without knowing where we should start? Not only is Adobe Character Animator better suited toward people who create animated characters but also takes into account all different kinds of movements from rigging up poses right down moving limbs which means less time wasted trying figure out complex procedures by hand –

Blender is the best tool for character animating. It’s got all sorts of great features, like grease pencil and bendy bones tools that will help you shape up your 2D or 2.5D animation workflow!

How amazing is this? You can find out for yourself by checking out Daneil M. Lara (PepeLand) and his great little tests of tech!

The video above shows off some Grease Pencil rigging, and is an interesting look into what the future holds. Daniel mentions that their current focus is more in line with “TV paint” style animation but this kind ofFlashbasedstyle can also be fun to play around with!