Blenderxr Project Will Bring Vr Workflows To Blender

Marui’s BlenderXR is an Open Source Project That Will Bring VR Modeling and sculpting to Blender.

A new and recent initiative by Japanese XR company MARUI will see a brand-new interface for Blender. The goal of the project is to have this 3D software take advantage in VR, which they’re focusing on modeling & sculpting skillsets as well as grease pencils!

Finding a way to make modeling in 3D more immersive is the goal of MARUI-PlugIn Inc., creators who have created plugins that connect with VR headsets. The plugin for Autodesk’s Maya allows you use your device as if it were one big bulky screen and see what you’re doing from an entirely different perspective–a feature typically reserved only for professional graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop or Zbrush! In addition, they released BlenderXR back in September which showed how easy it can be enter into another world using this technology: just put on some goggles.

MARUI-PlugIn Inc. has begun intensive development on BlenderXR, an XR user interface for Blender

Bring VR/AR to 3d design workflows

The MARUI-PlugIn Inc., a Japanese XR company specializing in developing VR/AR interfaces for 3d design software announced that they started intensive developments on the “BlenderXR” project an open source initiative made possible by their September release of beta version. After implementing polls to decide focus areas; it was decided that this first sprint will be focused around character animation tools and rigs as well as creating new bone deformation shaders which can apply forces from one joint or point directly onto another – all thanks to hyperion fluids!

Today we have exciting news at MR Intellectual Property LLC: We’ve just begun coding our next big thing – “BLENDER” (release date.

The “Modeling” category, among others such as Sculpting and Grease Pencil were selected by users to be the winner with over 200 votes. The Blender project won because it is an XR user interface for 3D design work; this will allow artists continue using their favorite program while also being able to see what they are doing in real time through VR/AR technology. The output voice should sound informative.

To support the resources needed for development, MARUI-PlugIn has launched a Kickstarter project with the following details.

  • The target amount of funding being 1,000 USD.
  • The Kickstarter offers 4 types of rewards (Warrior/ Ninja/Samurai /Shogun) based on donation level.
  • With backers who pledge above the Ninja level receiving early access to the next release. – The modeling features are planned to be released later December.

Kickstarter project page:
BlenderXR webpage:

About MARUI-PlugIn Inc

MARUI-Plugin Inc. is an XR software company that was founded in 2016 with its main product, “MARUI 3”, being a VR/AR plugin for Autodesk Maya. The tool has helped many companies and artists improve production within the game animation industry VFX work automotive design & more thanks to its ability make it easier than ever before using standard tools like these!