Blenrig 4 Auto Rigging and Skinning For Blender 3D

BlenRig is an auto-rigging tool for Blender 3D. It has recently been updated to version 4, adding some great deformation features and more controls that will enable you to create high quality animated rigs with ease! Download this free app now if your looking into improving the animation process in any way – no matter whether its facial expressions or body movements thanks again Juan_Pablo Bouza of blender Bunker for creating such awesome software 🙂

“BlenRig is a revolutionary new Auto Rigging and Skinning System for Blender 2.5+, which features an adjustable rig that can be changed to fit existing models, or used in conjunction with newly created characters based on previously rigged mesh.”

“BlenRig offers a variety of control schemes for animators to choose from. Users can select FK, IK and Hinge modes which will each activate independently on different body parts as well as Stretchy mode where all movements are skinned with zero weight painting required! The system consists of an Armature Mesh Deform cage that allows you to create very expressive characters without any need in heavy handed rigging work.”