Bring Maya Models To Cinema 4d With Uv’s Intact

Israel Rodriguez demonstrates a method for bringing in content from Maya to Cinema 4D, and he keeps as much of the texturing intact as possible. Not difficult task but there are pitfalls with this process that you need to watch out for!

In order to import models from Maya into Cinema 4D, you will need the right tools. I show a quick and easy way in my video below!
“In this tutorial we are going to use Portal on how-to model export/import between two programs called ‘Cinema’ which can be found inside of Max or 3ds max application folders depending if its being used for modeling,”* begin by opening up either program’s console window located at top center followed shortly thereafter selecting File > Export Model As (*Footnote) In doing so it’ll appear as though nothing happens but when done correctly with no errors reported back then let go.