Brsmoothweights Is A Free Weights Smoothing Tool For Maya

Brave Rabbit Releases an Update to brSmoothWeights and Makes it Open Source.

Ingo Clemens, the founder of Shapes and a 3D artist in his own right is on a mission to update some tools he created over 10 years ago. This includes brSmoothWeights an advanced weight smoothing tool for skin clusters within Autodesk Maya which was based off Tom Ferstl’s tf_smoothSkin algorithm but improved with maximum influences maintained as well as undo support.

In 2018 when Ingo originally released this new release under plan “A” back then there were no other software outthere doing what it did so naturally people have been asking him if they could get their hands on these open source versions now that many more programs exist today.

brSmoothWeights is the only weight painting app that offers a simple, intuitive user interface. It’s also compatible with other popular software like Autodesk Maya 2016 and 2017 on Windows 64bit or OS X ( Yosemite ), Linux 32/64 bit under MIT license terms! Learn more at Brave Rabbit.