Bslive / Rendering Primitive Gallery With Renderman Denoise & External Render

By Jimmy Gunawan

In this episode, I am going through the process of creating a simple “Primitive Gallery” in Blender: A stage with basic 3D geometry objects and lights. Then using renderman’s denoise feature which sends your job into LocalQueue app for faster rendering!

NOTE: Depending on your graphic card, perhaps you have CUDA then you can take advantage of GPU Denoise. Or maybe OpticX.

Denoise is an important step in the process of creating a 3D rendering. It can reduce render times by cutting out noise and firefly, which will ultimately make your finished product more appealing to viewers who want clear images without any distractions from their screen or computer display settings (e.g.: bright colors). However reducing some samples doesn’t mean that others need increase at all because it’s something you’ll have to balance depending on what type/style of image quality outputting desired; whether pixel-perfect accuracy level commoaunds most aspects but also affects performance greatly when there are many.

In this video, I am also showing you the External Render troubleshooting process and to check it using “it”.



Eugene explaining “it” window: