Build An Underwater Scene With Fractal Noise In After Effects

In this ~10 minute tutorial, Liran Tabib shows you how to create an underwater scene in After Effects using only Ae standard plugins. She relies on fractal noise for her project and it looks absolutely stunning!

Fractal Noise in After Effects is a useful utility that can have various uses, especially when it comes to production. With Fractality you are able to generate natural-looking patterns and use the noise for effects like building up of an effect on top or distressing layers with special needs such as animation tools available inside this program.

The versatility offered by fractal noises surpasses any other type because no two things will ever look exactly alike due to their unique turbulent nature which makes them perfect not just graphics but also audio composition!

Creating realistic scenes is easy with the built-in Ae effect. You can use it to build up waves on water or create caustics that look like they are coming out of a puddle! To do this, Fractals are used as their basis for creating these effects in Tabib’s tutorial. These same type loops could also be saved when animating certain things such as wave heights and directions so you don’t have too many keyframes at once which saves time during production phase – just make sure not to overdo it because there needs some variation otherwise what would happen if every single one was set alight?