Building An Energy Sphere With Hitfilm Atomic Particle Plugin

FXHOME recently released all of the plugins that are currently found in HitFilm 2 for After Effects.

FXHOME has just announced a new product at NAB 2014, which is designed to work with their video editing software and gives you access to more than 140 effects like keying out parts or adding text over existing videos while maintaining Capture One Pro X 10’s signature black-and-white style (amongst other features).

If you miss the latest industry news, it is worth noting that FXHOME has announced their new plugins for After Effects and NLE’s.

Make your very own energy sphere! This tutorial will show you how. You’ll learn about the process, what it takes to create one and then finally get into making one for yourself with FXhome’s Atomic Particles plug-in

This means that Ae users can now benefit from the pragmatic workhorse plugins that HitFilm Pro offers. If you want to have a peak at what these powerful applications are capable of, take John’s example in this video where he creates an energy ball using one specific plugin: “Atomic Particle”.

HitFilm Atomic Particle

HitFilm Atomic Particle is a plugin with the most realistic, appealing particles in all of video editing. It also includes some unique features like delayed-action particle effects and customizable colors that will help you create any look or style for your project!

Instead of having an emitter and particles, the Atomic Particle plugin operates more like TrapCode Form would. You can then change their dispersion to spherical wrap or adjust size parametrically with other layers in your composition for some added creativity!

The thing that you need to remember about all the HitFilm plugins is they are GPU enabled. This makes them really responsive when using it, which means there’s no hiccups or delays with higher particle counts like other software may experience! Atomic Particle has made short work of experimentation and previews because these types have no issues what so ever on your computer due at least partially from being powered by NVIDIA CUDA technology – something we think most people should know if their goal involves videography/editing in some way shape form over others’.

The Atomic Particle plugin also has a built-in Audio Interaction control, allowing you to affect the particles with put to 4 different audio layers in your composition. With controls for illumination by composition lights and motion blur as well as depth of field round out this incredible plugin’s attributes!

Atomic Particle Experiments

John used the Atomic Particle plugin to create some other experiments. The results were impressive and show that this fast, versatile tool can do anything!

HitFilm Plugins Include

  • Over 130 premium plugins created using HitFilm technology.
  • • Works with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CC, Apple Final Cut Pro X and Motion and Sony Vegas Pro. Buy it once and install to all host platforms on your computer, Mac or PC.
  • • GPU-accelerated.
  • • Huge range of plugins from visual effects to compositing, motion graphics and color grading. There’s something for every project.
  • • Atomic particles for fractal array animations. Includes audio-driven behavior in After Effects.
  • • 15 keying and matte generation plugins, including advanced chroma key for green screen.
  • • Flexible lights and flares designer kit. Experiment with anamorphic streaks, lens flares, light rays, glows, procedural lens dirt and light leaks.
  • • Cutting edge pyrotechnic effects including fire simulation, procedural lightning and 3D muzzle flashes.
  • • Cinematic grading and visual enhancements including skin retouching and grunge effects.

Availability and Pricing

HitFilm plugins are on their way! FxHome has announced that the plugin will be available later this month at a price of $499. Stay tuned for more details as we close in on release day, and find out all there is about these exciting new tools here: http://www-hitfilmassets-com/blog2/?promoid=20180110T022500Z.