Building User Interfaces In Maya With Pyside

Jeremy Ernst, a Character TD at Epic Games who posts many videos on YouTube demonstrating how to create interfaces in Maya using Python and PySide recently released his new series which will explore the possibilities of designing custom user interface components for use with this programming language.

new video series on creating interfaces in Maya with PySide

PySide is a powerful set of tools for UI development. The package includes Maya 2014 and above, which can be used in conjunction with the Python language’s binding to QT C++ library by Jeremy Knight-Dowson srinikom. Those who come from an interface command or are new to scripting will find this video informative! You’re able check out PySide documentation at https://sirnikkmgdfpnsdppnpmknmflbvkunfhvgndkihrrweksudwzyxjzwykmohthymryyxlynlkgq If you like what I’m saying here on.