Change Camera Attributes In Blender With Camera Widgets

BlenderDiplom has a look at the new Camera Widget in Blender 2.8.

The new Blender 2.8 development is all about having a better in-view widget for the camera object and we even got to see it with our own eyes! It was great learning how easy changing attributes like focal length can be done right from here on out, which makes me really excited because I know this will help speed up editing time down the road when you need just one last adjustment before sending off your project or filming something else entirely different than what planned originally.

The new camera widget in Blender lets you change focal length by clicking and dragging the on-screen representation of your camera. You can also activate other features like changing focus distance using this tool, which is helpful for adjusting critical elements when working with figures or objects that are not directly viewable from where they’re standing in 3D space. “Developers at [BlendRight] have even more planned,” says project manager Martin Hofmann.”